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How can I order?

  • Visit our store to order. Shipping within UAE: 3 business days - 30 AED. Payment methods: Apple Pay, Google pay, Mastercard, Visa.

What Tropicfeel products are available in the UAE?

  • TropicalFeel UAE is bringing several sustainably made travel gear such as our best-selling: FOOTWEAR, BACKPACK & LUGGAGE, CLOTHING, ACCESSORIES, COLLECTIONS. Visit our store for more.

What is the difference between water-friendly sneakers and waterproof sneakers?

  • Water-friendly sneakers. Materials work well in water and will dry quickly. Walking through a puddle, or caught in heavy rain - making these sneakers perfect for water adventures.
  • Waterproof sneakers. The materials will not allow water through, and your feet will not get wet but you can't submerge your foot. These sneakers are pefrect for unpredictable weather.

What materials are used to make your shoes?

  • Considering this, to make a water-friendly, lightweight and resistant pair of sneakers we need to work with:
  • 77% recycled polyester in the spacers, because the fibers in the middle are impossible to make from recycled goods (at the moment)
  • Upcycled 20% EVA in the Outsoles
  • Non-toxic and solvent-free on the foam upper materials
  • 100% Recycled strobel insole
  • Eva mixed with Bloom algae on the insoles
  • 100% recycled & recyclable packaging
  • Additionally, we are Blue-sign partners

Do I need to wear socks?

  • You can wear these with, or without socks, whatever you prefer!

Can I remove the insole?

  • Yes, you can remove the insole and insert your own.

Will my shoes stretch?

  • Yes, after a few uses, your shoes will stretch ever so slightly as you break them in.